Luna Ukulele Flat Wound Bass String Set

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Luna's ukulele basses are fun to play - for portable performance or Practice anywhere! They are 21" short scale instruments, featuring flatwound strings that are tuned to E-A-D-G like a traditional bass guitar - but one octave up.

We offer our popular High Tide and Tattoo designs – With the addition of a stunning gloss black model With maple rosette and binding, With sharks teeth fret markers.

All basses come equipped With Luna preamps – although, unlike bass ukes With nylon strings, our flatwound strings offer a robust acoustic sound even Without amplification.

Whether you are a full-size bass player looking to Practice on your lunch hour – or a ukulele player looking for a new challenge in the territory of lower pitches and a bass-like approach – Luna's distinctive styling, combined With affordable prices, make these basses an irresistible addition to your collection.

Luna Ukulele Strings