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USB Output Jack

Ever had the inspiration to record a song idea, but you were out and about... With no reliable way to capture the moment? doesn't have to happen again.

Our Heartsong series guitars come With our innovative USB output jack(developed exclusively for Luna Guitars by B-Band®) pre-installed...

USB Output

...but this same USB output jack is available as a do-it-yourself upgrade, which can easily be installed on ANY Luna acoustic/electric guitar With a B-Band preamp!


What does the USB output do?

It's a record-on-the-spot solution compatible With any USB-supporting Apple or Windows laptop, smart phone, iPhone or iPad. This output gives you plug-and-play capability into your favorite recording software, so you can record your songs and ideas remotely directly into your device, using your favorite recording app... simply plug in and go!

No external USB power, or powered USB bus/hub, is required. This solution gives you your standard guitar output jack, a 9-volt battery compartment, and a Type I USB jack. A USB Type I-to-Type II cable is also included for your convenience. (iPhone/iPad users will need the Apple Camera Connector kit to complete the connection from the Guitar to the iPhone/iPad's connector)


How is the USB Output installed?

It's literally easy as 1, 2 ,3 to install! The only tool you need is a small Phillips head screwdriver.

  1. Remove the 4 screws from your existing output jack...
  2. Unplug the connector from your existing B-Band® assembly,
    and plug in the USB assembly connector...
  3. Replace the 4 screws, and you're ready to roll!



  • USB Type I output - self-powered via preamp 
    (no external USB power needed)
  • connects to USB devices for direct recording Without audio interface
  • compatible With iPhone & iPad (requires Apple Camera Connector Kit)
  • works With Apple and Windows recording software
  • works With Apple GarageBand
  • works With iOS and other smart phone recording apps
  • includes USB Type I-to-Type II cable
  • includes 9V battery compartment, ¼″ guitar output, Type I USB jack
 USB Output instructions & tips

Download our USB Output instructions here (PDF file).

We'll also keep this page updated With any new tips or tricks, as our users discover new ways to get their Luna Guitars sounding great in their favorite recording apps!


GarageBand users:

You can either use Audio Recorder as your input source (in the Microphone instrument window, choose the guitar plug, and turn Monitor on. From here, turn up your guitar's physical volume control to achieve your preferred level)...

...or, you may prefer to use guitar amp modeling (choose any clean amp setting, then adjust your levels in the Guitar Amp Modeling windows).

iPad users:

If you plan to use an iPad, you will need the Apple Accessory Camera Connector Kit, which may be purchased at any store carrying Apple accessories (i.e. Target).