Regal Tip BT Brian Tichy "Tish Stix" Signature Wood Tip

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Performer Series

Regal Tip's family of artists have worked with us to produce models that meet their specific playing needs. We are proud of these artists and the products that we have created by working together.

Brian Tichy's "Tish Stix"

Diameter: 0.600"

Length: 16.5"

Model #: PF-BT

-Bullet Wood tip
-Heavy taper
-Extra length

Brian Tichy's "Tish Stix" feature extra length and a heavy taper for aggresive playing along with a Bullet Tip and Rounded Butt for Endless Possibilities! All Tish Stix have Regal Tip's own PEF Finish! Have you been Tichified? Eat Em Up Now!