Regal Tip RTBR-551W-XL Hickory Handle Wire Bristle Brushes

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The World’s most sought after brushes. Patented interior design keeps metal from hitting metal, designed with the highest quality materials available. There is no better built, longer lasting brush on the market to date, period.


Diameter: 0.555"

Length: 13.5"

Model #: 551W-XL

The much larger sibling to the 550W, the 551WXL wears the "XL" moniker with pride.  Sporting a lacquered hickory handle that's as big as our Rock series and a rubber coated wire binder, the 551WXL touts a decent amount of weight.  This brush adds a lot more attack and volume over the 550W, and even though the balance point is farther back on the brush, it feels like there's a lot more weight at the front end.