Regal Tip RTBR-584W Ed Thigpen Retractable Wire Brushes

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The World’s most sought after brushes. Patented interior design keeps metal from hitting metal, designed with the highest quality materials available. There is no better built, longer lasting brush on the market to date, period.


Diameter: 0.600"

Length: 13.5"

Model #: 584W

For a legendary jazz drummer, an equally legendary brush had to be created.  Our Ed Thigpen signature brush is a hybrid wood/rubber retractable brush.  This brush features a tactile rubber front half and a lacquered hickory back half.  The tactile rubber offers a comfortable and sure grip perfect for doing cross-sticks with the hickory back-end.  Also, if you'e going through Clayton Cameron's brush rudiments, the rubberized grip is perfect for working on your flex-a-diddle.