Regal Tip RTLP-519P Cajon Brushes with Nylon Bristles

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World Percussion

Our world percussion line offers a variety of products for a plethora of musical situations: 

We have Cajon Brushes for the discerning player who is looking to get a different sound from their cajon than what their hands can produce.  (Pro Tip: cajon brushes work on more surfaces than just cajons!)

Timbale sticks for the Latin player/percussionist needing high quality performance tools

And some other neat odds-and-ends that you may never even have thought of.


Diameter: 0.710"

Length: 13"

Model #: 519P

Comfort grip handle, low-profile bristle for cajon and all world drumming applications. Inspired by world renowned percussionist, Bart Fermie, these sticks will work in multiple applications across multiple genres.