Regal Tip RTRW-MTLWX Metal Extra Long Wood Tip

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Classic Hickory Wood Series

This line consists of both traditional and more contemporary designs, cut from U.S. hickory. Many wood tip models have been made with thicker necks versus their respective nylon tip versions to offer increased durability and more forward-balance. All models available with our famous Performance Enhancing Lacquer Finish (P.E.F).

LIKE NO OTHERS | Innovation, quality and attention to detail go into every Regal Tip drumstick. From our pioneering designs to our unique finish, no other drumstick looks, feels or performs like ours.


Diameter: 0.635"

Length: 17"

Model #: MTLXW

  • Large oval tip
  • Thick neck
  • Short fast taper with a clear shoulder
  • A stick that is the embodiment of the notorious genre that is its namesake, the Metal X is a demon of a stick. At 17" long and .635" thick, the Metal X is equal the Van Halen stick in its sheer size and weight. This is a nice (evil) stick with a great feel and good balance, making this stick easy to brandish despite its size.