Franklin 3.5" Snake Skin/Cognac Glove Leather Ring Bass Guitar Strap

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Our Bass Ring and Snake Skin models have all been so popular that it was a no-brainier to combine the two designs!  Anyone with a heavy guitar, will love this strap. The body is 3.5” wide and spreads the weight of the instrument comfortably over the shoulder. The top is a deeply oiled glove leather with a naked finish and the backing is perforated garment leather with a polished surface, reminiscent of exotic European sports car upholstery.

The front and back adjustment tails are fastened to the body with large chrome rings that give this strap a deadly serious vibe on stage. The ends of the strap body are also finished with the “Franklin” signature which gives this strap a very unique character.

3.5” Glove Leather w/Garment Leather Backing and Chrome Ring


Adjusts from 38″ to 55″