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The two input, two output IXO12 audio interface is a lightweight, ultra-portable production platform for iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac computers, which lets you record music, podcasts, location recordings and much more in studio quality. The Loopback function making live streaming simple, and its small size means you can do it all anywhere. The IXO12 is available in black and white versions

The IXO12, Your Audio Interface...

For recording anywhere

Whether you are a producer, journalist, composer or brand new to sound recording, IXO series interfaces makes high-quality mobile recording a breeze. Housed in a compact and lightweight housing, the 24-bit/192 kHz recording quality, great-sounding mic preamps and seamless, high-speed USB connection with iOS devices give you a superb, portable recording setup. The included Cubasis LE iOS app means you can start making professional recordings on an iPad straight away, while the included Cubase AI allows you to record to either Mac or PC, wherever you are.

For content creation

Unleash your creativity! The IXO12 is a great choice for creating captivating audio to go with your visual content. Record voiceovers or discussions in pristine audio quality while recording video with your iOS device, add sound effects and atmospheres to draw your audience in to the visual world, increase the intensity of your production by recording soundtracks which play with your audience’s emotions. With the tools you need to add high-quality voices, music, location recordings and more, the IXO12 is the content creator’s best friend

For podcasting

Share your thoughts, inspiration, ideas and news with the world by recording podcasts for broadcast on any online medium, or write them to audio files for distribution or download. The IXO12 delivers a versatile and highly portable production package, which means you can produce your podcast anywhere - at home, at work, on vacation, even in the middle of nowhere! With seamless PC/Mac computer and iOS compatibility, it has everything you need to become a true podcast pro.

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