Regal Tip JS Jason Sutter Signature Wood Tip "CHOP STICKS"

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Performer Series

Regal Tip's family of artists have worked with us to produce models that meet their specific playing needs. We are proud of these artists and the products that we have created by working together.

Jason Sutter Chop Stix

Diameter: 0.590"

Length: 16.375"

Model #: PF-JS

-Barrel wood tip
-Long taper
-Forward balance
The "Chop Stix" is a beefed up 9A, sporting a barrel tip and sitting right in between a 5A and a 5B in diameter.  The thickness of the taper provides a good shoulder for getting clear bell hits off the ride.  And that same thickness provides a lot of weight at the front end of the stick, meaning those intense volumes will be a lot easier to achieve.  No matter the size of the steeple-err-stadium, you'll be heard with these sticks.