Tech 21 Midi Mongoose Foot Controller

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Tech 21 Midi Moose

Whether you’re a MIDI-meister or amongst the MIDI-mindless, the MIDI Mongoose is a super simple way to control your gear on stage, in the studio, and on DJ decks for sound and lighting, too. Tech 21’s intuitive engineering eliminates the intimidation of trying to decipher an encyclopedia-sized manual just so you can change a darn program.

The MIDI Mongoose is the next generation of its predecessor, the MIDI Moose. It has a significantly smaller footprint and additional capabilities. There are 2 independent inputs for continuous controllers to facilitate use with your other MIDI equipment, as well as a 7-pin phantom power jack. With just 5 footswitches, you can change groupings of preset programs by five or ten at a clip. You can also access Special Page functions to set MIDI channel numbers and to set continuous controller channel numbers and calibration.

Three modes of operation:
• Standard 9V alkaline battery (not included) provides a minimum of 200 hours usage
• Optional power supply (Tech 21 Model #DC4)
• Phantom power via the MIDI cable
Access 128 patches on any of the 16 selectable MIDI channels
Smooth-action custom actuators
All-metal housing
Large, non-glare LED display can be read from any angle, in daylight or darkness
Probably the world’s smallest manuals for any MIDI product
Size: 11.5”L x 2.5”W x 1.25”H