Toms Line APW-3 Rechargeable Power Supply

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APW-3 Rechargeable Power Bank
Safety Features
* If the Power Bank is over recharged, it will stop recharging automatically.
* LED light to indicate recharging automatically when the power is near to exhausted. 
* If the recharging voltage higher or lower than what the Power Bank required, recharging will be stopped automatically. 
* If power polarity of recharging or offering is opposite, the Power Bank will protect itself automatically. 
* If no power output or power output less than 5 mA, the Power Bank will turn off automatically. Press the button again to turn on the Power Bank.   
Recharging Voltage•__ 10V 
Output Voltage•__ 9V
Recharging Time•__5hours
Output Current•__5mA--700mA
Power Capacity•__ 2000 mAH / 7.4V
Output Ripple•__30mV / 50mA
Consumption under Sleep Mode•__ 35uA
Package List: Adapter, 1 piece; Rechargeable power box, 1 piece; Power line, 1 piece; Operation manual
How to Use
All the situation of APW-3 is directed by a LED light underneath the press button.
Press the button to turn on the Power Bank. LED light flashes from colour red to orange and to green, and finally stops at one colour. Different colour indicates different situation as below.
Red LED light, power less than 10%.
Orange LED light, power less than 50%.
Green LED light, power more than 50%.
When recharging the Power Bank, LED light flashes by the colour indicating power capacity. Connect the adapter into CHARGING INPUT 9V socket when recharging the Power bank, LED light starts flashing and recharging begins. 
When offering power to effect pedals, connect the attached line to the DC9V OUTPUT socket and use another end of the line linking to effect pedals.
* APW-3 will turn off automatically if not current output after it’s ON in 10 seconds.
* If red LED light flashing fast when offering power to pedals, link the Power Bank to less quantities of effect pedals.
* If red LED light flashing slow when recharging the Power Bank, which indicates the recharging voltage is either higher or lower than what required for the Power Bank. Should change to proper electricity adapter With Right voltage.

Download Manual