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The Yamaha YFL-212 //ID Student flute is the very latest release from Yamaha and is now in a new bright and attractive packaging box.

Standard series flutes are designed to be easy to play, while retaining the kind of tonal characteristics usually associated only with Professional models. Sturdy durability makes them ideal for beginners, while their accurate intonation helps students develop a good ear.

200 series flutes are carefully hand adjusted and go through a rigorous system of inspections and tests guaranteeing consistent high quality. They feature a similar design as the 400 series, but are designed for easy playability enabling beginners to sound as good as possible, as soon as possible.
The tone is clear and attractive, and the intonation surprisingly accurate for a student instrument.
Excellent intonation and an attractive price combine to make the YFL-212 one of the most popular flutes available.
Every Yamaha flute is assembled by a trained technician.
There is no machine that can assemble a Yamaha flute. Sure machines are used to produce some or many components, but in most of the processes, a human being is at hand putting the soul into each instrument.